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Breathing Wind

May 19, 2020

Grief is at an unprecedented level during Covid-19 and yet we are losing the normal in-person ways we grieve. What can we find from the spirit world to guide us during these times? And, what can we do to show our loved ones we care when they’re transitioning? Sand Symes is a Northern California-based modern medicine woman, shamanic practitioner, spiritual teacher, certified coach, former social worker, and intuitive healing guide. Sand and I talk about the concept of transition and how this fits in her viewpoint on death as a shamanic practitioner.

Sand talks about:

  • Her views as a shamanic practitioner on the experience of loss during this pandemic
  • Shapeshifting, intuition, and transitions in the context of death, life, and growth
  • How to show your love when loved ones pass away

To learn more about the resources mentioned in this episode and listen to Sand's bonus gratitude for mothers on Mother's Day, visit the show notes.

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