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Breathing Wind

May 26, 2020

Grief is at an unprecedented level during Covid-19 and yet we are losing the normal in-person ways we grieve. How can we stay connected? Lennon Flowers is the co-founder of The Dinner Party, a platform for connecting mostly 20 and 30 somethings, as well as early 40 somethings, people who are often among the first in their peer community to experience a loss. In this episode, Lennon and I have a discussion about authentic conversations and creating spaces, virtual and in-person, that help people dealing with loss.

Lennon talks about:

  • The format of The Dinner Party and the role of the host

  • Modeling vulnerability and encouraging authentic conversation, even in online spaces

  • The paradox of grief in this moment of Covid-19: Both heartbreak and hope can coexist

To learn more about the resources mentioned in this episode and listen to bonus tracks, visit the show notes.

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