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Breathing Wind

Feb 22, 2022

β€œThe joy was not just in the simple stuff β€” like a good cup of coffee and being being mindful and present β€” but experiencing joy, looking for joy, and having a hand in it. And knowing that does not have to be completed necessarily by somebody validating it.”

-Dr. Jason Ridler

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Feb 8, 2022

"Everyone goes through their own grief in their own way. And to know your own allows you to respect that of others, gives you the opportunity to respect that of others."

Colleen Stobbe

This episode is part of a Breathing Wind miniseries titled Finding Unexpected Joy, hosted by Sarah Davis. The Finding Unexpected Joy

Feb 1, 2022

"Joy is who we are when our hearts are at their wildest. It's the integration between our doing and our being."

- Duncan Cheung

"Humor has always allowed me to get closer to my grief, explore it, and better understand it by creating a gateway into the hard feelings that isn't so scary, so heavy. And when I'm deep in my...