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Breathing Wind

Feb 2, 2021

“Grief is this way that we metabolize loss, and grief affords us the chance to really get intimate with our experience with our own needs.”

- Wendy Rolón

“Healing is both a journey and a process. And healing involves a willingness to offer ourselves care and kindness along the way.”

- Ken Breniman

“Healing really means acknowledging what's at the root of the grief-- whatever was lost -- and working through it physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.”

- Deborah Szeto

This is the official trailer for Season Two. Join Season One guests-turned-hosts, Wendy Rolón (episode 15) and Ken Breniman (episode 08), as well as newcomer Deborah Szeto and Season One host Sarah Davis (episode 00) for a conversation on healing. During Season 2, we will talk with healers, musicians, facilitators and artists to discuss transforming grief; meaning making, mortality and medicine; embracing death and living life; and caregiving at the end of life.

To learn more about the hosts, visit the show notes.

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