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Breathing Wind

Feb 9, 2021

"You know, this is not just an emotional experience, but a physical one, often a spiritual one, to explore those aspects of what is changed in you when grieving and then to start to take stock of resilience and find that hope together, I think those are the values of grief counseling."

Christine Kovach

Is there hope in grief? In this episode, Wendy Rolón from Season One (ep 15) and Christine Kovach, bereavement counselor for Mission Hospice, talk about grief counseling, healing through expressive arts, and the hope she sees in her work.

This episode is part of a Breathing Wind miniseries titled Transforming Grief, hosted by Wendy Rolón, end of life doula, bereavement counselor and workshop facilitator. The Transforming Grief miniseries explores what we can do as humans to embrace grief as a tool for growth. 

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