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Breathing Wind

Feb 1, 2022

"Joy is who we are when our hearts are at their wildest. It's the integration between our doing and our being."

- Duncan Cheung

"Humor has always allowed me to get closer to my grief, explore it, and better understand it by creating a gateway into the hard feelings that isn't so scary, so heavy. And when I'm deep in my grief, humor lets me come up for air, and then go even deeper." 

- Dara Kosberg

"Happiness comes from the things that happen to us. But joy, I believe, is a state of being that we can nurture from within."

- Naila Francis

"Joy takes into account the full spectrum of feelings. Joy is the both /and. In other words, joy can be felt at any time for any reason with other emotions like grief. Joy is a release, Joy is living in flow."

-Sarah Davis

This is the official trailer for Season Three. Join Breathing Wind guests-turned-hosts, Dara Kosberg (episode 09) and Naila Francis (episode 38), as well as newcomer Duncan Cheung and Season One host Sarah Davis (episode 00) for a conversation on joy. During Season 3, we will talk with people who give us joy, including comedy experts, wilderness guides, and writers to discuss joy and grief.

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