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Breathing Wind

Feb 8, 2022

"Everyone goes through their own grief in their own way. And to know your own allows you to respect that of others, gives you the opportunity to respect that of others."

Colleen Stobbe

This episode is part of a Breathing Wind miniseries titled Finding Unexpected Joy, hosted by Sarah Davis. The Finding Unexpected Joy miniseries explores the idea that joy can happen in the midst of grief, and that maybe we don’t know yet what might come out of our grief journeys.

In this episode, Sarah talks with Colleen Stobbe about model yacht sailing, grief and how she came to empathize with Sarah during her loss, and transition of club members after they’ve left this earth. Colleen is a retired bilingual elementary teacher for 22 years and a mentor of beginning teachers for 10 years. Retirement from education allowed her to participate more in the San Francisco Model Yacht Club (SFMYC) in Golden Gate Park, sailing free-sail boats along with serving three years as Vice Commodore. She just finished serving five years as Commodore, the first woman to be elected to that position in the SFMYC. She's looking forward to being a full time grandmother, who will still sail free-sail and support the SFMYC in a variety of ways. 

Colleen and Sarah talk about:

  • [3:30] Model yachts
  • [10:44] Memorial service for members
  • [14:55] Colleen’s personal experience with early parent loss
  • [20:14] Sarah’s dad’s experience in the association

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