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Breathing Wind

Oct 18, 2022

We have to be very awake in a really deep, rooted way…And listening with not just our ears, but all of our senses really.”

—Melanie DeMore, on singing for people at the end of their lives.

This week’s episode features a conversation between Oceana Sawyer and Melanie DeMore, three-time Grammy nominated singer/composer, choral conductor, music director and vocal activist. Oceana and Melanie talk about her experience as a threshold singer, as well as how she was called to do this work with her unique gifts, and some of her thoughts on music at the end of life.

The Possibility of Pleasure miniseries hosted by Oceana Sawyer, explores grief through the senses, which will consider how utilizing any six senses (taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing, imagination) can enhance the metabolization of grief allowing the process of grieving to cultivate wisdom and a greater appreciation of living.

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