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Breathing Wind

May 17, 2022

"No one can avoid negative stuff happening. Negative stuff happens all the time on a lot of different levels, whether I got gum on the bottom of my shoe, or my father died, right? And everything in between. We can't control that. And again, nature is the perfect metaphor for this – being out in the wilderness helps cultivate your ability to stay with your strong, resilient, loving wise self. And to let that core part of you lead."

  • Wendy Rolón

This episode is part of a Breathing Wind miniseries titled Inner and Outer Wilderness, hosted by Duncan Cheung. The Inner and Outer Wilderness miniseries explores the wonderment of and between the wilderness out there and within each of us. For this episode, Sarah Davis, founder of Breathing Wind, led the conversation.

In this episode, Sarah talks with Duncan and regular Breathing Wind contributor and grief counselor, Wendy Rolón, about compassion for ourselves and others, how they tap into nature’s healing powers, and how to work with our inner children. 

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