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Breathing Wind

Aug 24, 2023

“Having an established creative practice helped me in ways I would have never known, and I think it’s the greatest gift my younger self gave me now.”

~ Rosemmery Wahtola Trommer

This month, we’re offering you a feed swap. This is the second episode we’re swapping. For the first episode in this swap, check out Episode Swap! Emerging Form Discusses Creativity in Times of Trauma.

Emerging Form, co-hosted by poet Rosemmery Wahtola Trommer and journalist Christie Aschwanden, is a podcast about creative process. These two friends cover everything from the business of creativity, to cultivating openness and pleasure, to meeting failure as part of the process. Whether they’re talking between themselves or inviting other creatives to share some of their journey,  their conversations are always encouraging and insightful.

This episode, Checking in One Year Later, was recorded one year after Rosemerry and Christie publicly shared their losses on the podcast for the first time. It was shortly after Rosemerry’s son died and after Christie’s father had suffered a stroke. In this episode, they cover the range of emotions one can feel in a tumultuous year– Christie speaks of uncertainty after her father had a stroke, and Rosemerry discusses how having an established writing practice helped her with her grief. 

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