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Breathing Wind

Apr 5, 2022

"Be fully there. Breathe it in, listen to what the winds have to say. What the birds have to say, what the water has to say, and (this sounds so crunchy granola) it really boils down to that simple thing: it's just being there. And when I'm there, I'm here. I'm fully present in the moment, in time and in space. And when I sit after a long, grueling hike, and I sit whether it's next to a beautiful lake, sunny weather, cloudless skies, or if it's hailing and storming above me, and I'm back with hail pellets, stuck at 11,000 feet on an unexposed ridge with thunder and lightning around me, I feel connected, I feel that I get to be a living thing in the vastness of the wilderness. And it starts to put things into context for me.“

Duncan Cheung

This episode is part of a Breathing Wind miniseries titled Inner and Outer Wilderness, hosted by Duncan Cheung. The Inner and Outer Wilderness miniseries explores the wonderment of and between the wilderness out there and within each of us.

In this episode, Sarah Davis talks with Duncan Cheung about some of the foundational concepts covered in his miniseries.

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