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Breathing Wind

Jun 20, 2023

"Grief, for me, has been about following intuition. It's been about following the feelings. I don’t know what they're saying to me. I wish I knew, but I kind of have given up trying to figure it out. And I'm just letting the grief coexist with me, and that's where we're at.” 

~Sarah Davis

In this week’s episode, we explore grief as it’s surfaced — or hasn’t — in the days leading up to Father’s Day and how challenging it can be to make space for the grief over one parent when caring for another. Inspired by our conversation with Dan Fischer of One Last Wave Project, we also talk about the creative energy in grief and how that can inspire us to connect to others in new ways or channel our experience into outlets that end up serving more than our own individual journeys. As we muse on our mutual love of the ocean, we bring our dads into the conversation, too — and learn some things we never knew about each other. And we reflect on the pets we’ve loved, the dogs and cats, and their moments of death and how we coped with our grief over these everyday companions. Join us for this conversation that’s equal parts lively and tender and always honest, and inspired us to also wonder, what would it be like if our dads had a podcast.

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