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Breathing Wind

Jun 19, 2022

"…you have to find the humor. If it's not in their death, it's maybe something in their life.”

  • Erin Lim

“My dad used to say that laughter is the best medicine…. I feel like it balances you out as well because you can't have the grief without the joy.”

  • Angela Tabora

This episode is part of a Breathing Wind miniseries titled Grief and Humor, co-hosted by Dara Kosberg and Sarah Davis. The Grief and Humor miniseries explores how humor allows people to get closer to their grief, explore it and better understand it, by creating a gateway into the hard feelings.

In this episode, Dara and Sarah talk with Erin Lim and Angela Tabora, co hosts of Bitch Talk Podcast, about their dads’ humor, grief and humor, and humorous movies that remind them of their loved ones who passed away.