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Breathing Wind

May 2, 2023

“Some people think solitude and loneliness are the same thing, but to me solitude is almost this soulful, nourishing kind of quality that I need, [that] we need, and especially when we're grieving.”

— Naila Francis

In this episode, we reflect on our earlier conversation with Sarah Chaves. We explore why silence and solitude are essential for both of us on our grief journeys and reflect on being the grief-go-to-girl in many of our relationships and how that can be both challenging and gratifying. Naila offers some of the ways she shows up for her grieving friends but we also talk about the necessity of having boundaries when we don't have the capacity to support others. And for "This is Us" fans, we share our thoughts on how the series captured grief. As usual, our conversation is punctuated by laughter and playfulness, but as we look back to past episodes where guests have shared the experience of reaching the age that their parent died, we touch into a tender and candid moment around the milestones we won't share with our dads.

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