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Breathing Wind

Mar 8, 2022

“Chemo was really hard. But there were really good days too – they weren't the best feeling healthy days – but there was something that happened on those days. You suddenly have the shift in perspective of appreciating the smallest things, because when you have something that's knocking you, sideways, weekly – I was having chemo every week for 12 weeks – when you have a good moment, the world is more colorful, and everything becomes more incredible. And I got to push my kids on a swing and I was out of bed! All those things become just what living is all about.”

- Carly Moosah

This episode is part of a Breathing Wind miniseries titled Finding Unexpected Joy, hosted by Sarah Davis. The Finding Unexpected Joy miniseries explores the idea that joy can happen in the midst of grief, and that maybe we don’t know yet what might come out of our grief journeys.

In this episode, Sarah talks with Carly Moosah about her mom’s cancer diagnosis and then coming to terms with her own, her perspective on joy in the midst of cancer treatment, and advice she provides for others undergoing cancer treatment. Carly is the co-founder of, a writer/blogger, breast cancer advocate & survivor, and mum of two. She’s based out of London.

Carly and Sarah talk about:

  • Carly’s family history of breast cancer and her mother's experience
  • Carly’s fear of cancer and how she shifted her perception toward that of fascination
  • How she speaks to her kids about cancer, versus how her mom spoke to her
  • Cancer’s warrior mode
  • Carly’s advice for listeners 

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