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Breathing Wind

Sep 28, 2021

Who is advocating for cancer awareness in your state? What is their story? In this episode, Kandis Draw and I have a conversation about her caregiving and cancer advocacy. Kandis Draw lives in Chicago, is a classically trained pianist and a lover of philanthropy. She is a member of the Aids Foundation of Chicago Associate Board, Gilda’s Club Chicago Associate Board, and is an active National Advocate for the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance. She has written articles for NOCC National, and Splash Magazine. She writes a column at Curvicality Magazine which is an online magazine focusing on body positivity for plus-sized women. She lost her mom to ovarian cancer in 2014 and since then, has been advocating for ovarian cancer awareness. 

This episode is part of a Breathing Wind miniseries titled Caregiving Journey, hosted by Breathing Wind founder and host, Sarah Davis. The Caregiving Journey miniseries explores:

  • How stories of other caregivers can help us feel less alone
  • Ambiguous grief and caregiving at end of life
  • The shifting roles of the caregiver
  • How and why to seek self-care
  • Joy in the caregiving journey

In this ~28-minute episode, Kandis describes:

  • [1:26] How Kandis became a caregiver to her mom with late-stage ovarian cancer
  • [2:24] Ovarian cancer is harder to detect than other gynecological cancers
  • [3:54] Caregiving is a full-time job
  • [5:28] How Kandis discovered her community of supporters
  • [7:24] Kandis’ mom did not choose the traditional route of cancer treatment
  • [8:37] The value of venting to understanding friends
  • [9:45] Sandwich caregiving: how she assumed both roles as a mother-figure to her brother and sister while caring for her mom
  • [11:54] Kandis’ caregiving tips
  • [15:26] Kandis’ advocacy work and how it helped her find meaning in her loss
  • [20:00] Caregiving and then finding work afterward is not easy
  • [24:17] Kandis’ encouragement to utilize resources as cancer caregivers

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