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Breathing Wind

Aug 23, 2022

“I understood really early about when you go through extreme grief, that there's loss in different kinds of ways. It’s not just the person that passed away…It’s all the threads that hold you close.” 

  • Colleen Attara

In this episode, Naila talks with Colleen Attara about her early experience of grief and how that’s informed her journey as an artist and educator; her willingness to embrace joy in the midst of transformation; and the gift of being a caregiver to her mom, which inspired her altered book art practice. 

This episode is part of the Breathing Wind miniseries titled Joy as Resilience, hosted by Naila Francis. The Joy as Resilience miniseries explores why embracing joy is not frivolous and how cultivating it can help us weather challenging times and open our lives to greater connection and purpose. 

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