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Breathing Wind

Jul 26, 2022

"I think you really have to have the sad to also appreciate the beauty."

  • Moon Fang

This episode is a part of the Breathing Wind miniseries titled Joy as Resilience, hosted by Naila Francis. The Joy as Resilience miniseries explores why embracing joy is not frivolous and how cultivating it can help us weather challenging times and open our lives to greater connection and purpose. 

In this episode, Naila talks with Moon Fang, Southern California-based death doula and enthusiast about their work in the death awareness community, their experience with partner loss, and how the difficult moments can help with receiving joy.

Moon is a queer podcast host of Queer Death Stories and a future co-host of a project called Queering the Moon. They are a writer, a ritual dabbler and a seeker and a singer. A storyteller and a connector. Curiousness is their vice.

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