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Breathing Wind

Aug 10, 2023

“Grief cracks you open. It makes us vulnerable… I feel vulnerable.” 

~ Christie Aschwanden

“A creative practice prepared me for grief.”

~ Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

This month, we’re offering you a feed swap.

Emerging Form, co-hosted by poet Rosemmery Wahtola Trommer and journalist Christie Aschwanden, is a podcast about creative process. These two friends cover everything from the business of creativity, to cultivating openness and pleasure, to meeting failure as part of the process. Whether they’re talking between themselves or inviting other creatives to share some of their journey,  their conversations are always encouraging and insightful.

In this episode from Emerging Form that we’re sharing with you, Rosemerry and Christie sit down with each other mere weeks after Rosemerry’s son, Finn, has died and Christie’s father has suffered a stroke. They explore how profound loss has impacted their relationship to creativity, what they’re noticing in their impulses to write or not write and how their tender, cracked open hearts are taking in what each moment has to offer them.

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