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Breathing Wind

Dec 17, 2022

Welcome to the Breathing Wind Season 3 finale.

In this season, we explored joy in context of grief. In other words, how does joy show up for us in the wild? How is joy an act of resilience? What if joy is unexpected? How do we embody joy? This episode is a collection of some of our favorite moments from the season.

If any of these excerpts sound particularly resonate, be sure to check out the entire episode, found on Links to individual episodes can be found in the show notes.

Selected moments include:

  • [1:33] Bloopers
  • [3:37] Our definitions of joy at the beginning of the season
  • [6:42] Commentary: how Sarah's definition evolved
  • [7:32] Excerpt from Episode 52, The Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage, with Diane Wyzga and Sarah Davis
  • [11:54] Excerpt from Episode 57, Compassion for Ourselves and Others: A Gateway to Emotional Freedom with Wendy Rolón and Duncan Cheung
  • [16:13] Excerpt from Episode 66, The Willingness to be Open, with Dara Kosberg and Vinny Ferraro
  • [19:03] Excerpt from Episode 60, Joy and Grief Touch the Same Part of the Heart with Dara Kosberg, Erin Lim and Angela Tabora
  • [22:20] Excerpt from Episode 65, Resilience is an Act of Care with Naila Francis and Sarah Davis
  • [26:55] Excerpt from Episode 63, The Body is Everything: Making a Home for Grief and Joy, with Naila Francis and Simone Baker
  • [29:56] Excerpt from Episode 72, The Possibility of Pleasure Miniseries Finale, with Oceana Sawyer and Sarah Davis, which included commentary on Episodes 70 and 71.
  • [30:48] Excerpt from Episode 70, The Portal Between Life and Death and Life, with Oceana Sawyer and Karine Bell
  • [33:33] Excerpt from Episode 71, The Sensuality of Place and Grief, with Oceana Sawyer and Roshni Kavate

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