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Breathing Wind

Jul 19, 2022

"Personally for me, joy is my inherent nature. I really do feel it to be the essence of who I am and how I move through the world, which is interesting because so much of the work I do is around grief and loss and dying. And yet those experiences and journeys are so much more expansive than we might believe them to be, and are capable of holding joy, too, and many other positive emotions that we might not associate with them.” 


  • Naila Francis


This episode is the trailer for the Breathing Wind miniseries titled Joy as Resilience, hosted by Naila Francis. The Joy as Resilience miniseries explores why embracing joy is not frivolous and how cultivating it can help us weather challenging times and open our lives to greater connection and purpose. 

As a writer and a grief coach, Naila’s work is often informed by her love of poetry, the gifts of healing rooted in nature and community and her commitment to expanding our grief, literacy and death awareness.

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