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Breathing Wind

Aug 9, 2022

"So it's not [about] bypassing the grief, or bypassing any of it. It's about creating space for it, holding it, seeing it, recognizing it, having a conversation with it, you know, and really honoring it. And knowing that underneath that is this place for you to access your joy as well."

  • Simone Baker

This episode is part of the Breathing Wind miniseries titled Joy as Resilience, hosted by Naila Francis. The Joy as Resilience miniseries explores why embracing joy is not frivolous and how cultivating it can help us weather challenging times and open our lives to greater connection and purpose. 

In this episode, Naila talks with Simone Baker about her earliest experience with grief, how she began to “thaw” from the deep sadness she carried, and how the body can help process both joy and grief. 

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