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Breathing Wind

Dec 6, 2022

"While I never know what it's like to celebrate the holiday season with my aging mother, I've come to appreciate her presence in my life in a way that makes sense to those who savor Christmas, keeping their decorations up long into the new year. She's in my warm, salty tears that still flow at times.

She's in the cold autumn fall. When I see the leaves begin to submit to the painting of the forest with radiant acceptance, she's really everywhere I go. I do not need a holiday to remind me of my grief."

— Ken Breniman

This episode is a departure from the season, but it's also something I felt was coming forward for the holidays that needed to be heard and expressed. In this episode, you’ll hear from Ken Breniman and Deborah Szeto, guest hosts from Season 2, Naila Francis, guest host from Season 3, Dr. Jason Ridler, guest from Season 3, Daisy from Season 1 and Sarah Davis, founder and producer.

The prompt I gave everyone who you'll hear from in this episode was simple: A friend and past guest suggested she read from a letter she wrote to her mom this year, and it made me think about all the creative ways we express our grief in writing that can help others. Do you want to share a recording of you reading from an essay, poem, letter, or otherwise you wrote about this topic?

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