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Breathing Wind

Nov 15, 2022

“There's just something about the air. If you live by the ocean, there's a saltiness in the air. You can smell the fruit every morning as you walk the streets, depending on if it's a market day or what's in season.

So it really grounds you and places you in time, space, memory, where you are, who you're connected with, and what's happening.”

— Roshni Kavate

In this week’s episode, Roshni Kavate speaks with Oceana about how the sensuality of food-ways, family homes and locations can mix and mingle to create soothing balms for grieving. Roshni also does a beautiful job of describing the specific secondary losses that are unique to first and second generation immigrants or expatriates.

The Possibility of Pleasure miniseries hosted by Oceana Sawyer, explores grief through the senses, which will consider how utilizing any six senses (taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing, imagination) can enhance the metabolization of grief allowing the process of grieving to cultivate wisdom and a greater appreciation of living.

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